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Capital Attacked

On January 6th the nation’s capital was attacked in a form of what some call terrorism. On this day there was a protest on the grass area of the Washington DC mall when out of nowhere President Donald Trump sent out a tweet saying for the crowd to move to the capital building and that … Continue reading Capital Attacked

Rules of out of bounds

Out of bounds or out of play is when the ball leaves the playing field. when the ball goes out of bounds it results in a thrown in and goal kick and a corner kick. It will result in a throw in for your team when the other team hits the ball last before it … Continue reading Rules of out of bounds

Positions and how to play them

There are eleven positions you can play in soccer, I will tell you how to play them and what your job is in those positions. But first these are the positions you can play goal keeper, right back, left back, center back, left midfield, right midfield, center midfield, striker, there are also some positions that … Continue reading Positions and how to play them

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